Like most online casino games, it is best to understand the terms used in slot games before engaging in a play. Fun88 สมัคร process is quick and easy even for beginners.

Active pay line

This refers to a pay line with a bet placed on it. There are some slots that let players choose their pay lines. Other slots feature fixed pay lines.

All ways

This is a slot game that features pay lines running both left-to-right and right-to-left. An all ways slot game is usually online. It is very profitable for players.

Annuity winner

This term refers to a slot machine jackpot paid in installments over several years. Another rare form is the jackpot paid in one lump sum.


This feature lets slot players set a predetermined number of spins under a bet level. Most online players prefer slot games with this feature.

Bonus round

This feature is the favorite of slot game players. It is an extra round with a separate set of rules from the base game. It usually offers higher payouts.

Buy a pay

There are some slot machines that will only award their tp payouts if the wager is bigger than a set amount. Buying a pay means placing a wager letting a player compete for the top prize.

Buy a feature

This is quite like buying a pay. It is a wager that is big enough to activate the restricted features of select slot games.


This is what brick-and-mortar casinos call a group of slots placed together on the casino floor. The slots are usually in a cluster.

Cascading reels

This is a recent popular feature in online slots. The winning symbol explodes when a player hits a winning combination. It frees space for new ones that might trigger an extra win. This is somewhat like a re-spin.


This is an extra bonus in the form of monetary gains. Some casinos have this as part of their constant promotion. Other casinos include this in their loyalty program. It can also be an award for holders of a slots club card.


This is a special symbol that increases the payout if it is part of the winning pay line. Examples of multiplier symbols are x2, x3, x4, and more. Some slots feature these symbols in the base game. Others only have them in the bonus rounds.

Be wary of people claiming to offer 188bet โกง for a price. Make sure to read the terms and conditions before you start playing any slot game.

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