Guide To Your Safest Way of Accessing Trusted Sites

Guide To Your Safest Way of Accessing Trusted Sites

​Whenever we visit any website, we sometimes forget to check if the site is safe and secured. We tend to just click on any link that we see or sent to us; then, we pressed enter on the first result that we saw on the web. As individuals with limited knowledge of information systems and technology, we just believe in what we see. We do not care about anything that pops up whenever we are on some specific websites. That is why when we use the internet, we are always the most vulnerable to any types of viruses, extortion, internet scam or fraud, and other criminality that can be done using the internet.

There are many ways that you will know if the website you access is safe and secured. By knowing all of these, you will start to become safer when accessing any site and avoid clicking on any links or url given to you. Here is some guide to know if the website is safe to access and if you can browse through it securely:

  • SSL Certificate – If you see any website that uses HTTPS instead of HTTP, you will easily know that this website is safe to access. Because these certificates surely secure your data, and before any site gets this, they will go through a validation process first.
  • Domain Name- Legitimate websites use a domain name without any misspelled words or replacing letters with numbers like, for example, from to Just buy seeing that, you will already know that this website is real.

  • Lock Logo – The lock logo on the upper left of the address bar verifying that the website is legit and secured.

Also, you will see on this list the information about fake websites:

  • Exclamation Point or Not Secure – If you notice this text in your address bar where you type URLs, that is already one key that says the website is not safe to access.
  • HTTP – Any website that does not use HTTPS is already an alarm. So be mindful and always check the URL before pressing enter.

Now that you already know this, do not be afraid to access any website anymore but still, do this with care, especially to those who just want to have a pastime online. Most of them are playing casino. The next time you play, you won’t be afraid anymore because they are situs judi qq online terpercaya, and all of the security mentioned above is proudly what they have.

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