The History of Gambling and Becoming Gambling

The History of Gambling and Becoming Gambling

The game is something that many of us today cannot escape. It has existed for thousands of years and will not go anywhere. Some even say that this is inextricably linked to humanity itself, and this means that the game is totally consistent with our own human nature.

The game is to bet or money or anything else that has value with the main objective of winning a tangible object or money. A bet is often made with an awareness of the risk the player is running. To participate in the game, three elements must be present: remuneration or amount of the bet; risk and profit today, the game has become what are now called modern games, and is even regulated in most countries and licensed by the gaming authorities. It has really become an international business and is said to bring millions to the economy.

The history

Gambling can be traced even before the story was written, or even before 3000 BCwith hexagonal cubes its history dates back to ancient China, where bets on fighting animals were a common practice. Only in the 10th century, games with lotuses and dominoes appeared in China, and the game began to take shape. The popular games we know today, such as poker, appeared in the United States in the 17th century, and they say; the rest is really history.

When the game was mechanized, it became easier to regulate the winnings with greater precision and the possibilities of benefit for all. People no longer had to rely on the friendliness of bookmakers, since the machine basically determined the outcome.

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A breakthrough in online gambling occurred in 1994, when Antigua and Barbuda adopted the Free Trade and Processing Law in a law authorizing the licensing of organizations that submit applications to open online casinos. Meanwhile, several laws were passed in 1996, all of which were intended for online gambling, and in 2003 the first live dealer casino was introduced.

Games today

The more advanced technologies, the more the 88bet industry developed with developments designed to significantly alleviate the lies of the player. Given how profitable the gaming industry is and the fact that people really like to play, many governments had no choice but to allow games and control the industry only through licensing. Today in the world there are many online casinos, the best of which are licensed in the various fields in which they practice.


The gaming industry has developed rapidly, there are currently many games available on the Internet and many boats can be won on several sites. The only word for today’s players is to make sure they are playing in a licensed online casino and have a good reputation or are set up correctly.

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