Poker is Worth The Effort

Poker is Worth The Effort

Anyone can learn the rules of poker fast enough, online access and the interface are simple, and there really is no reason not to try. Online poker is extremely successful. There is no online gaming site that does not have poker games. A dedicated player becomes part of the community, makes friends and possibly even makes a living.

All or most varieties of poker games are available for free download.

They offer safe practice for beginners. You can test your hand against ps opponents and can adjust the difficulty so that they can easily experience consistent gains, feeling how the pleasure of addiction extends through their system, like a portion of good liquor.

All online games play with you comfortably in front of your computer. You don’t need to worry about minimizing your body language or reading the faces and poses of about ten opposing people, each of whom has his makeup, tics and poker tricks. But despite this fact, the easy pleasure of perfecting its strategy against software is more like how it does everything possible to play tennis on the wall or shoot at cardboard targets; this is not really comparable to live action. Technically, there may not be many similarities between a shooting and a DominoQQ game.


And this is exactly what makes the games against a human opponent not only lifeless fun, but terribly funny: those that cause the strongest addiction. Someone who has never found anything more dangerous than Spider Solitaire on his laptop in the conference room may wonder if poker is more than a game of patience. And it is important that he or she realizes that, in addition to skill, opportunity (or luck, no matter what you call this deity) is the essence of the game. And, therefore, a live poker session without the possibility of restarting and only with the possibility of a fold is full of danger.


This is exactly what distracts many people. But it also makes many people feel convincingly “alive”, relying on the value of their hands. You must have money, time and energy to spend, but these are controlled factors. You must be prepared to make an effort to learn the strategy, but you must also have a clear and sophisticated understanding of the element of chance. A player who does not do this, and who perhaps approaches the game simply with the brutal hope of some good quick wins, will lose and get tired of trying. The taste of the danger is sour, and I want to eliminate it as soon as possible.

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