Online 99 Joker Jackpot Super Royal Flush and Rules

Online 99 Joker Jackpot Super Royal Flush and Rules

Online 99 joker jackpot is available in the system for every player, including the first and latest jackpot in Indonesia. With only 100rp you can win a grand prize of 10 million rupiahs. Besides grand jackpot offer, online 99 jokers provide additional price feature for their loyal members. This includes three jackpot prices choices you can afford: 100rp, 500rb, 1000rp and 2000rp for VIP plus only.

Rewards from 99onlinepoker System Multi jackpot 

A full condition house is whereby Texas-Hold’em-Poker card with a total of 7 cards and combination of three kinds and 1 pair, for instance, 2 and f and 3 and 10. A four condition card type is whereby your middle card with a total of seven cards can get card value of five cards with a combination of four cards with the similar amount and one card, for instance, you can get three and one cards.

Straight Flush Card

A straight flush is a condition where your card and the middle one with the total of seven cards can obtain the value of five cards with a series combination. The example of the straight flower are as follows: Order of cards 5, 6, 7, respectively with a similar example like the heart.

poker 99

Royal Flush Card

A royal flush is whereby your card and the middle card total of seven cards can earn a total of five cards with the combination series. The example of straight flower but this card should begin from 10. For instance 10, jack, queen, aces, and king with same flowers.


Super-Royal-Flush is a condition of a card in 99 poker game where 2 cards combine with three cards table. For instance, some of your 10 cards, Queen Flower combined and the first three cards on the table is king, jack, and aces with the same flower.

Play by 99epokepoker System Rules

Never share your ID or assign ID with others for a play and log in. One ID is assigned to one person. Also, it is not allowed to transfer a chip from one player to another. If any of this rules are violated then the chip of a send can be frozen, withdrawn or even canceled and the ID blocked permanently.

Fraud deposit is also not allowed. If a fraud deposit exceeds 3x, then your ID will not confirm a 1×24 hours deposit. You should always be attentive to a destination account available in deposit menu. If your account is invisible in a deposit menu, you should not transfer the funds into the account.

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