How to Play Poker Using the Hard Aggressive Style

How to Play Poker Using the Hard Aggressive Style

Playing hard aggressive poker is the basic concept.

When you start playing poker, it is important to learn how to create a solid base for playing poker, and although there are many different ways of playing, it is recommended to use aggressive style (TAG Poker). Regardless of what you read or say, this is the way, especially at low stakes, where players play in a much more predictable way.

Many new players are starting to think that since Johnny Chen made X moves, and Doyle Brunson returned with Y moves, they can also make crazy games. First of all, you need to remember that the poker online indonesia that you watch on TV has been carefully edited so that the audience can act. You cannot see the hours and hours of the fold, fold, fold and why do you need to do this? It’s just boring. People prefer to take a straw out of my eyes than to see an eighty-year-old man sit down and retire for five hours. Secondly, and the most important is the fact that these players think about the game and the situations that are presented in a completely different way for beginners with low stakes. They have years of experience and have played hundreds of thousands of hands. Believe it, you can almost never bluff or make crazy moves and still make money in the games with the lowest bets.

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If you are serious about crafting a poker style that is strict and aggressive, you should avoid some habits of weak players.

One of them is a challenge. A call is one of the weakest moves in poker, and people see that “fish” does it all the time. Are you thinking about logic? New players think that if you play with a hand like 33, you have a chance to see a cheap flop, and then win a big one if you they don’t play on their set?” Good question, let’s think about it quickly. Not getting into your set actually happens most of the time, but this is not why we went up. At first, we got up to pick up the boat there and then (which will happen a lot), and we went to disguise our hands, which makes us more difficult to play. If he increases the blind by 3.5 times, every time he plays a hand, people will not know if he has AA, AK, JJ or 22, and therefore he is more likely to make a mistake against him. Secondly, when you raise and hit the net, it’s much easier to build a big pot, and finally, if you raise your position and your opponent calls, confirms the flop, you bet 2/3 of the pot’s continuation and pick up the boat there and then. You give yourself so many additional ways to win the pot that you will print money compared to weak and passive players who limp, call and fall back when they fail. On the contrary, those players who are too passive and obedient can never get a large number of big banks because of their hesitation to rise even with a good hand.

In conclusion

Another advantage of playing in the style of aggression based on TAG is that your opponent will not dare to call and will quickly give you a pot. Passive opponents will also retire faster with an increase, and this will save you from having to follow the course and give your opponent a chance to get lucky in a draw. This is a mistake that many passive players make. They think that if they are left alone, the sweats will remain small, and if they call, they can protect themselves and deny all their money. The fact is that in poker, the more aggressive you are (of course, with the right hands and in the right positions), the faster you will force your opponent to fall and give him his chips.

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